Welcome to the Housing Portal

Students, please note that if you are seeing this page you do not have access to a housing applications. Please email housing@american.edu for support. 

Housing & Dining Program's Mission Statement

Housing & Dining Programs develops inclusive, student-centered residential communities that enhance the academic experience of each resident while providing services that support the greater university community.

To that end, we are committed to:

  • Delivering quality opportunities and services that anticipate the needs and exceed the expectations of the university community by ensuring that the residential and dining experience is our highest priority.
  • Providing safe, secure and well-maintained residential environments that promote personal success, social engagement and global responsibility.
  • Fostering an appreciation of each individual in ways that increase awareness through active, intentional and continuous engagement with diversity.
  • Nurturing the holistic development of residential students through communities that promote co-curricular learning.
  • Improving our practices and procedures through ongoing assessment, targeted goal development and benchmarking our progress.